Nick De Mey

Co-founder / Future insights lead / Board of Innovation

About me

Nick, co-founded Board of Innovation +10 years ago. He has a backgroundin industrial design, innovation management and is obsessed withnavigating possible futures. His mixed experience in both design &business is reflected in the core DNA of our organization.Over the years, Nick has worked with a wide variety of clients. Nestlé, KLM,ING, Thomson Reuters, Engie, Toyota.. and so on. A common theme in thesepartnerships is the exploration of shifts in human behavior and how thisimpacts business models in the future.As Insights lead, Nick, together with his team, tracks a wide spectrum oftech and societal trends. These are translated in the hands-on reports ofwhich some are openly published on our website.Nick is strongly convinced that future thinking can be addictive. He enjoystransferring that energy in sessions, whether remote or in person.

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