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Do you struggle to get your message across? Do you feel stuck in a group dialog and unable to progress as no-one seems to understand each other and words fail you? Are there too many ideas in your head that makes it nearly impossible to see the forest for the trees?

It might be just the case for applying methods and techniques of visual thinking - the way of working that helps you think clearer, have more meaningful and effective meetings and workshops, and better collaborate with others. Organize your thoughts and be smarter, be more prepared for your coming activities, both physical and remove, by externalizing the complexity and visualizing the essence of it.

Attend the 2-hour workshop tailored for beginners but seasoned visual thinkers will still find a lot of valuable insight and tricks for them too!

We will explore together and practice the following elements:

- Visual thinking basics - discover the magic of these simple tools even if you think you cannot draw.
- Visual storytelling basics - learn what makes up a clear story to support your message and practice a case to combine the essential elements of visual thinking into a compelling narrative.

November 20, 2020
2:00 pm
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