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At first glance, color appears naively simple, yet as it scales across larger products and brand it becomes unbelievably complex. In product, right color choice supports successful user experience and in brand, distinguishing color pallets evokes desired emotions. To achieve this fruitful and rigorous collaboration between brand and product designers is a key element to successful improvement and implementation of the color system across the organization of 1500 people.

November 19, 2020
3:00 pm
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10:20 am

MAYA in banking - design for the future, but deliver it in a segmented way

The meetl team presents the fresh results of a design research on segmented fears & expectations of customers towards banking.

2:50 pm

Inside-Out, Outside-In ... or Upside Down?

In topsy turvy time of banking, do we really believe that the age old trust model is convertible to the new era, or will banking culture be too late to respond?

9:50 am

The Forking Paths of Banking

How can bank keep their place in their customers' lives in the time of ubiquitous banking?

12:30 pm

Design-driven banking - how Design Thinking transforms a bank

Highs and lows of our journey during building up the design competency at MKB Fintechlab