Flint - putting an ending to lengthy lending!

UX/UI Case Study

Ferenc Muck
Head of Design / Family Finances
About This Event

Presenting our new application, Flint, which is an end-to-end online consumer loan marketplace with sophisticated credit scoring engine to verify credit-worthiness, also integrated to a government agency in order to automatically fill in users data and get credit approvals done in 20 minutes.

We’ll explain, what sorts of UX challenges we’ve encountered during the product development of our end-to-end, mobil-first lending solutions, which enables banks provide credit not only for already existing customers within 20 minutes:
•UX-focused - frictionless and streamlined process owing to extended research
•End-to-end - seamless experience covering the whole consumer loan application process
•Scoring engine – proprietary scoring engine as an applied secret sauce to our solution
•GovTech -authenticating customers as well as prefilling data

Check the project out on Dribble.

November 21, 2019
10:40 am
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