21/11/19 8:30 am

Registration Opens

21/11/19 9:00 am


Ildikó Ginzer

Deputy CEO / MKB Bank

21/11/19 9:20 am

How challenger banks are shaping the future of finance

Karol Sadaj

Country Manager / Revolut

21/11/19 9:50 am

The Forking Paths of Banking

How can bank keep their place in their customers' lives in the time of ubiquitous banking?

Ákos Csertán

Design Strategist & Co-Founder / Frontira

21/11/19 10:20 am

MAYA in banking - design for the future, but deliver it in a segmented way

The meetl team presents the fresh results of a design research on segmented fears & expectations of customers towards banking.

László Ágoston

Co-Founder & Business Design Consultant / meetl

21/11/19 10:40 am

Flint - putting an ending to lengthy lending!

UX/UI Case Study

Ferenc Muck

Head of Design / Family Finances

21/11/19 11:00 am

Lunch Break

The lunch is included in General Admission tickets.

21/11/19 12:00 pm

How experience metrics drive design at N26

A repeatable process to define and track relevant user behaviour

Henrik Hagedorn

Strategic Designer / N26

21/11/19 12:30 pm

Design-driven banking - how Design Thinking transforms a bank

Highs and lows of our journey during building up the design competency at MKB Fintechlab

Norbert Gaál

Head of Design / MKB Fintechlab

21/11/19 1:00 pm

Workshop: Solution Mapping

How to prepare for project conflicts before they even happen? (90 mins)

Judit Kun

Strategic Design Lead & Partner / BoldX

21/11/19 1:00 pm

Workshop: Introduction to Mapping Methods

How to use customer journey mapping and other mapping methods for designing financial products & services at an enterprise scale. (90 mins)

Krisztina Szeróvay

Senior UX Designer / MKB Fintechlab

21/11/19 1:00 pm

Design thinking for corporates?!

How Design Thinking and Agile transform the way product strategy is made and implemented.

Enikő Nőthig-Hegedüs

CEO / edUcate

21/11/19 1:30 pm

User Testing Black Belt

How to improve user tests today

Balázs Tárkány-Kovács

UX Lead / Ergománia

21/11/19 2:00 pm

Why your Ops Tooling impacts your Customers

Find out the key concepts to consider when designing and building tooling for your Ops team to better support your Customers

Marek Gorski

Product Manager / Transferwise

21/11/19 2:50 pm

Inside-Out, Outside-In ... or Upside Down?

In topsy turvy time of banking, do we really believe that the age old trust model is convertible to the new era, or will banking culture be too late to respond?

Márk Hetényi

Board Member / MKB Bank

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