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Design Summit

Design Summit 2020 is all about finances and design hand in hand for greater customer experience.
We are focusing on the real-world applications through an exciting mix of talks, case studies and workshops. We’d like to spark conversation, inspire leaders, and educate professionals, working in all areas of finance, design and transformation.


Main topics






Emanuel Miličević
Senior Product Designer
Maja Tisel
Senior Brand Designer
Itzel Urbán
Service Designer
BBVA México
More speakers to be announced very soon


Ticket information will be available
from the 20th of September.


For Designers
  • Access to all channels during the event
  • Access to the virtual goodie box
  • Access to all the talks and a limited number of workshops (3 workshops)

8 900 Huf

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All access

For Mentors
  • Access to all channels during the event
  • Access to the virtual goodie box
  • Unlimited number of talks and workshops
  • Access to recorded videos
  • Personal support during the whole event
  • Participation at the VIP networking event with the speakers
  • Participation at the Mentorship Program

11 900 Huf

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We are still working out the details of
Design Summit 2020, rest assured it will include:

  • Hands-on educational content for professionals 
and young talents
  • New, exciting, and interactive virtual formats
  • Cutting-edge speakers
  • Virtual networking opportunities
  • Peer-to-peer exchanges

and much, much more...


Teaser video


About MKB Fintechlab

MKB Fintechlab is the CEE’s leading banking innovation lab and design competence center, supporting digital transformation and enhancing digital capabilities within the MKB Financial Group.

What we do at MKB Fintechlab is simple: we take the biggest problems facing MKB and its customers today and solve them, together with the best talents from the design and the fintech world

idea vault

Challenge the bank of tomorrow

It is hard to live a life when you are constantly working on improving the world around you, even though all the effort makes the fruits of your work that much sweeter.

We created Design Summit for the purpose of bringing people like us together, but this year we wanted to broaden this community and bring in fresh talents especially. We decided to encourage young people to help us in designing the banking of the FUTURE and what better way to do so, than making it a competition?

We proudly present to you: Idea Vault. -  a design challenge and a professional competition

Coming soon